Repression under the Iranian regime

Bob stands alongside the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (MEK), who have faced severe repression by the Iranian regime. He argues that it is vitally important that the international community take steps toward holding Iranian officials to account for their past crimes.

In support of the MEK, Bob has written an article in Politics Home on the rally in central London organised by Iranians in exile and supporters of the Iranian opposition coalition. He further explains his stance in the article he wrote in the UPI, and has spoken out for vulnerable Iranian citizens in the House of Commons and at the MEK conference in Ashraf 3, Albania.



Bob Blackman speaks at MEK Conference in Albania

At the MEK conference in Ashraf 3, Albania, Bob made a speech about how the international community must make clear that we stand with the Iranian people and the NCRI to bring democracy and freedom to Iran. Next year, he would like them to meet again in a free Iran.