Bob attends MBE celebrations for Kanti Nagda

Bob was pleased to take part in celebrations for the well deserved award of MBE to Kanti Nagda at the Sancroft Centre, together with community leaders and councillors Anjana Patel and Ramji Chauhan.

Bob asks how the Government plans to eliminate hate crime

With antisemitism and hate crimes on the rise across the country, Bob asked the Solicitor-General what further action the Government is taking to eliminate hate crime forever and ensure that perpetrators of hate crime are brought to justice.

Bob enquires about the impact of homelessness on reoffending rates

During Parliament, Bob asked the Minister of State for the Ministry of Justice to update the House of Commons on the progress being made to ensure that prison governors carry out their statutory duty to ensure that those leaving prison have a secure home.

Bob attends a Eurasia Event in the House of Commons

Bob attended the Eurasia Event in the House of Commons as a Conservative Friends of Eurasia Patron, along with Ambassadors from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Israel, Moldova, Serbia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan for discussions and celebrations of expanding trade relations between the UK and Eurasia. 

Bob addresses the House of Commons

Bob makes his first address to the House of Commons since being re-elected in the 2019 General Election. In his speech he thanks the people of Harrow East for their continued support, promises to help deliver Brexit and sets out his plans to help end homelessness.

Bob urges the Foreign Office to freeze the IRGC's assets

During a debate on Iran, Bob urged the Foreign Secretary to send a strong signal to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, by freezing its assets and agreeing to only unfreeze them once they have restored normal diplomatic actions and behaviours across the world.