Bob elected to the Conservative Party Board

Bob is delighted to have been elected to represent his fellow Conservative MPs on the Conservative Party Board. He recognises that there is a lot of important work ahead, and looks forward to tackling issues including finances, boundary changes and re-selection processes.

Bob re-elected as Chairman of the British Hindus APPG

Bob is very pleased to be re-elected as chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for British Hindus. He is looking forward to continuing the work that ensures the voices of all Hindus are heard in the House of Commons.

Bob elected as co-Chairman of the Indo-British APPG

Bob was delighted to have been elected as co-Chairman of the Indo-British All-Party Parliamentary Group in the House of Commons. He looks forward to continuing the development of the relationship between these two great nations.

Bob requests a parliamentary debate on pension funds

Bob asked the Leader of the House of Commons for a debate on pension funds, particularly in the local government sector. Evidence has emerged that in London alone there is a £17.98 billion deficit between the assets and liabilities, the concern is that this is unsustainable.

Bob observes Azerbaijan's Parliamentary elections

Bob travelled to Azerbaijan to observe the country's Parliamentary elections, where he oversaw the activities in polling stations. He also attended a British delegation press conference in Baku, with Jonathan Fryer and Lord David Evans of Watford.

Bob requests a debate on the London Plan

During Parliament, Bob requested a debate on the London Plan, brought forward by Sadiq Khan. There are serious problems with the plan in relation to the green belt, parking issues, industrial land and density of housing, this would impact residents of London and the south-east.

Bob pledges to stand with the NHS against cancer

As part of World Cancer Day 2020, Bob pledged to stand shoulder to shoulder with the NHS against cancer to make sure that every patient receives the best diagnosis, treatment and care no matter where they live.