Bob Blackman welcomes Rev John Barker to All Saints Church

Bob was delighted to attend the installation service and to welcome Reverend John Barker as the new vicar of All Saints Church in Harrow Weald. It's always a pleasure for him to join constituents in the act of worship.

Bob Blackman visits Willesden Temple

Bob was pleased to attend the celebrations of the new regeneration project at Willesden Temple with councillors Anjana Patel, Chetna Halai, Ramji Chauhan, Nitesh Hirani, ex-councillor Joel Davidson, and Barnet councillor Roberto Weeden-Sanz.

Bob Blackman visits NCS at Stanmore College

Bob was pleased to visit NCS at Stanmore College to answer the young people's questions on life as an MP and political issues. They taught him a thing or two as well as 6 groups made presentations about their social action projects tackling pressing concerns like dementia and homelessness.

Bob Blackman speaks at MEK Conference in Albania

At the MEK conference in Ashraf 3, Albania, Bob made a speech about how the international community must make clear that we stand with the Iranian people and the NCRI to bring democracy and freedom to Iran. Next year, he would like them to meet again in a free Iran.

Bob Blackman hosts organ donation meeting

Bob was pleased to host a key meeting promoting organ donation by Hindu and Jain communities in the House of Commons this evening. We need people to opt into organ donation now and to support the process to all organs to be used for those awaiting transplants.

Bob Blackman plays for the Inter-Parliamentary World Cup

Bob had a great time playing for the House of Commons and Lords representing England vs Pakistan in the Inter-Parliamentary Cricket World Cup. It was a friendly match ahead of the competition starting on the 10th, and the visitors won hands down. Better luck next time, Bob!

Bob Blackman aattends Harrow PE Conference

Bob had a great time at the Harrow PE Conference yesterday, discussing the importance of sport and physical activity in schools. The commitment of teachers to help foster our pupils' talent is inspiring.

Bob Blackman joins community Rath Yatra

Bob was honoured to attend the annual community Rath Yatra event organised by Shree Swaminarayan Temple, starting from Harrow Temple, in Kenton Lane, and finishing at Stanmore Temple, in Wood Lane Stanmore.