Jain Vishva Bharati celebrations

Bob was honoured to be invited to and participated in at the Jain Vishva Bharati celebrations of Parshvanatha Jayanti. Bob found it very welcoming to be able to join in with the celebrations regarding this important occasion.

Bob Blackman's sweeping election victory

Following an intense period of General Election campaigning, Bob was re-elected with a considerable majority increase.


Bob's overall majority increased to 8170, totalling to 26,935 votes. This was a huge increase in Bob's voteshare too - which now currently stands at 54.5%.

Bob anoints Lord Swaminarayan

Bob attended Neasden Temple to be blessed by the Head Priest. During this special occasion, Bob was given the opportunity to anoint Lord Swaminarayan.





Bob delivers £500 Cheque to St Luke's Hospice

Earlier this year, Bob participated in a charity chess game at Conservative Party Conference - and managed to win £500 to give to a charity of his choice. He chose to award the money to St Luke's Hospice.


Bob attends Remembrance Day service

On Remembrance Sunday, Bob attended a service at Harrow Civic Centre. The entire community came together to pay tribute to all the Service Personnel who have risked or given their lives in the Great War, WW2 and other conflicts throughout history.

Bob begins the General Election period

From today, the 2019 General Election has officially begun - meaning that Bob is no longer the local MP for Harrow East, pending his potential re-election.

Bob urges action against Hamas

Bob highlighted that the UK only proscribes the military wing of Hamas as a terrorist organisation - but not the political wing.

Bob enquires about NHS bureaucracy in Prime Ministers Questions

During Prime Ministers Questions, Bob highlighted the Conservative Government's success in achieving the first phase of re-development for the Stanmore Orthopaedic Hospital. Despite this, the second stage of re-development is being impacted by bureaucracy in the NHS.