As many will know, the do-nothing-Mayor of London is planning to expand the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) across all London boroughs from 29th August 2023, which includes Harrow. This shows a complete disregard for the views of Londoners, as 66% of responses to the consultation on the ULEZ expansion, voted against these ill thought-out and unnecessary proposals and it has been discovered that the difference the expansion would make to air quality is negligible.

The High Court has decided that ULEZ expansion is lawful. Bob is truly gutted to learn of the outcome from the judicial review on Sadiq Khan’s preposterous attack on drivers through expanding the ULEZ area. This outcome is not the end of our fight and is merely a road block. It is critical that we continue to work hard and find other ways to prevent this attack on drivers.

To raise your outrage about the expansion, there are many actions YOU can take:

Bob has continuously raised his outrage about this scandalous expansion in Parliament (WATCH HEREWATCH HERE, WATCH HERE) and will continue to raise his disappointment and anger about this decision in any way that he can. Please show your opposition to the expansion by signing the petition. 

The more signatures Bob can present, the stronger our case!


Poll: Do you support Sadiq Khan's ULEZ expansion to include Harrow?

Petition: The Mayor of London and TFL's expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone to Harrow is inappropriate and should be reversed.


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