Harrow East

The seat has been a Conservative seat for much of its history, but was taken by Labour in their two great landslides of 1945 and 1997, and in 1966.

The previous Labour Member of Parliament, Tony McNulty, resigned from the Government in 2009 for falsely claiming expenses for a second home, for which he had to repay £13,837 to the taxpayer and apologise to the House of Commons for the abuse of his position.

Harrow East is often referred to as a 'bellwether' constituency and is a key marginal for the Conservative Party.

Bob is a committed campaigner on key local issues:

  • He was instrumental in ensuring that the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore received the go ahead for their long promised redevelopment.
  • He has also been assisting Northwick Park Hospital to obtain the required funds to improve the hospital and safeguard the A&E Department.
  • He helped the campaign against the closure of Post Offices locally which were forced through by the previous Labour Government.
  • He opposed the high-density multi-storey developments being foisted upon Harrow as a result of Labour Government diktat.
  • Bob is well known for his campaign to ensure that Harrow residents would not shoulder an unfair burden on the funding of the London Olympics in 2012.
  • He has been campaigning in favour of more police on the streets as experienced police are transferred to Central London and fought locally to ensure that the new Safer Neighbourhood police teams were brought up to strength quickly.
  • He is an avid advocate of low tax policies and opposes increases in Council Tax; he is keen to ensure that pensioners and others on fixed incomes are given substantial rebates from the Council Tax.
  • Bob is pressing Mayor Sadiq Khan to provide more car parking and a lift at Stanmore Station.
  • Harrow has a diverse population and Bob is well known by all communities and welcomes the opportunity of celebrating all local festivities; he is extremely well-known amongst the local Asian communities and is known as Bobubhai by local residents. He assisted the Swaminarayan Temple in Neasden for many years and is a regular visitor to the Wood Lane Temple and Kenton Road Temple. 
  • Bob has attended all of the synagogues in Harrow East and is a strong supporter of the local Jewish population and the State of Israel. Bob has spoken up in the House of Commons supporting Israel.
  • He has visited the Harrow Central Mosque regularly and has given support to the Mosque when threatened by fascist demonstrators. Bob has also visited the Wood Lane Islamic Centre.