Bob takes part in a Tour of Temples

To celebrate Diwali, Bob took part in a Tour of Temples across Harrow and North London to wish Jai Swaminarayan to all those celebrating Diwali.

Meeting the National Council of Resistance of Iran

Bob invited representatives from the National Council of Resistance of Iran to Parliament to discuss the latest affairs in Iran and how Britain ought to act. Bob recommended that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps should have their assets sequestered.

Awarding Teacher of the Year

Bob had the privilege of awarding Teacher of the Year to Brother Peter from Kenya at Kenton Jain Derasar. Brother Peter was awarded out of 10,000 applicants. The Institute of Jainology awarded him $1 million for education in Kenya also.


Bob Blackman congratulates Boris Johnson in Parliament

Bob congratulated the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, for his efforts at securing a deal with the EU to leave. Bob was impressed at the Prime Minister's willingness to take the UK out of the European Union by the 31st October, whilst attempting to bring people from all sides together.

Bob Blackman wins £500 to St Luke's Hospice

At Conservative Party Conference, Bob Blackman was invited by Homes for Later Living to play a game of Speed Chess for charity. The aim of the game was to survive by maintaining a winning position for the duration of the game.

Bob attends Diwali Mela

Bob was fortunate enough to attend a Diwali Mela at Harrow Leisure Centre. The event involved many locals helping organise this special occasion, which attracted many of the celebrities to Harrow.



Bob attends the tribute to Gena Turgel

Bob Blackman attended a tribute to Gena Turgel. Gena Turgel was one of the last Holocaust survivors and those who attended her tribute included the Holocaust Educational trust, Mizrachi UK and many politicians across the political spectrum such as Ed Balls and Sir Eric Pickles.